Filipino Town Hall

On April 30, 2021, Legacy Board’s Political Affairs Coordinator Maireen Barnachea hosted AB Samahan’s inaugural political event. In collaboration with the San Diego chapters of Malaya Movement and Anakbayan, we held a town hall for our community to gather and discuss the Filipino-American Agenda. Due to its success, AB Samahan will continue this tradition by hosting a political event each year. 


On March 25, 2022, we will host a Town Hall on the Philippine Human Rights Act. This event will shed light on the Duterte regime’s brutal human rights violations, and we will inform our community on the details of the PHRA, the progress our campaign has made so far, and how we can take collective action together. Join us in educating, organizing, and mobilizing our community to stand up for human rights in the Philippines!

First-Ever Town Hall

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