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Araw araw: Heal the roots, so the tree is stable

Last year’s FACN featured a theatrical play, detailing the lives and meeting of a Filipino-American from a lower-class, multigenerational family and an upper-class Filipino international student. Through their lives and interactions with themselves and the people around them, we explore the ideas of generational inheritance- taking the wisdom and traumas of one's ancestors, turning them into something new, something better- supplemented by interpretations of cultural dances and songs. We also intend to explore the discourse between Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, not just their disagreements but also in their stronger, shared experiences. These two themes remain prevalent in this year’s FACN, and we hope this production can help generations young and old to find common ground and stir them into being a force for change.

Feel free to check out our FACN 37 poster, program, trailer, recap video, and even the whole FACN recording itself below!

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