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AndrÉs Bonifacio samahan


Samahan = togetherness and unity.  


Andrés Bonifacio Samahan is the Filipinx-American student organization at San Diego State University. Founded in 1971, AB Samahan's objective is to support educational enrichment and advancement through organized leadership, academic learning, and enriching the Filipino cultural awareness on the SDSU campus and the community.


AB Samahan was established at San Diego State University in 1971 with the purpose of supporting the Filipinx-American community. We were founded with the ideas of Andrés Bonifacio, a Filipino national hero who fostered the idea "kagalanggalangan," translated as "most high and most venerable sons of the people." Bonifacio led the Filipino independence movement in the late 19th century and today we the members of AB Samahan continue that very struggle to help keep the Filipinx-American identity. Through diligence, unity, and a strong sense of pride, Samahan strives to educate its members, and more importantly, the community about the enriched culture and beauty of the Filipino people.


AB Samahan is open to all students in the college community.


Meetings for members are held on Fridays at 12PM in Park Boulevard located in the Aztec Student Union.

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