Helen Tran

What up my name is Helen Tran and I don’t know how to read.  I kid.


I am your Webmaster academic year! You may wonder what do I do? Well, I run this website and the newsletters.


If you cannot tell I really love Vine. Anyways, I am a second-year Interdisciplinary Studies major (Art, JMS, and Psychology) at SDSU and btw I was one of the Peer Mentors of last year’s SOAR Board. I have lived in San Diego for the past 19 years (858 represent woOP WooP). If you ever need to find a place to eat or for escape rooms, I gotchu. When I am not stressing, I like to take pictures, go on YouTube, binge-watch my shows on Hulu/Netflix, sleep, hang out in slounge or SLL (both in the Union). Also, I got an annual pass for Universal Studios so hmu if you want to go :-)


I joined AB Samahan because I already knew some people who are in it and also my friends were joining too. I want to learn more about the culture and also make new friends. If you don’t know I am not Filipinx. However, for the past year, AB Samahan has made it a home away from home for me. This organization gives so many opportunities to become active. For instance, I joined ABLE, which lead to SOAR, and now I am here, serving as your Webmaster. Leadership has always been a big part of my high school experience, so I thought why not continue doing so in college. 


If you see me around campus or in other organizations, don’t be shy to say hi! Please come up to me or yell my name a couple to time because sometimes I am not paying attention. Follow me on Instagram @helentrxn if you need anything related to Samahan or not! Anyways, Ciao for now and thank you reading my bio uwU