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Hailey Jacildo (she/her)

2nd Year Social Work Major


Hi everyone! My name is Hailey Jacildo, pronouns she/her/hers, I’m a 2nd year Social Work Major, and I am serving as your Webmaster this year! As Webmaster I create our bi-weekly newsletters, manage the website(the one you’re on right now >.<) and I co-chair Samahan’s Media Team auxiliary alongside our PR Izzy and our Historian Devin(so make sure to join dat, the interest form is in our linktree on our IG bio hehe)! 


I was born and raised in Chula Vista, CA, but moved around the US because my dad’s in the Navy. I love the 619 area(despite having an issue with most of the drivers out here), but will soon be moving up north to Fallbrook </3. My favorite colors are green and purple, I enjoy cooking, I have an unhealthy squishmallow collection, and an unhealthy cool sock collection(thank u spencer from icarly). I also have an unhealthy caffeine obsession, so if you ever see me around campus, never doubt that I'll have a coffee or a yerb on me :DDD If you’ve seen my AB Samahan IG takeover, you probably know that I’m quite outgoing and spontaneous. I feel like this was due to being in Samahan because the environment here made me comfortable with being myself, growing, and meeting new people. Meeting new people has become one of my favorite things, so if you ever see me around or want someone to hang or study with, don’t be afraid to say hi or reach out to me! Over quarantine I also got into Kpop(i am evidence of the Fifth Harmony stan to Kpop stan pipeline akjeckjbcj), so if you ever wanna gush over kpop girlies or kpop boys or they/thems feel free to go to me haha. I also play video games when I have time like Apex Legends and Overwatch, so add me on Xbox and let’s game sometime @bobaboy13 B)


Because I moved around so much growing up, I struggled with finding friends or a place to belong. That is until I found Samahan! Finding AB Samahan is something I will forever cherish because just after one year it was able to provide so much for me. It helped me grow as a person and find a safe space where I had so many people to support me. And with this only being my second year, I have so much more to learn and experience within the community that I am looking forward to. I hope that everyone who joins Samahan is able to find their safe space and their people; to find your own kasamas is what I find the most beneficial part of this organization and I say that with pride.


Stay Dandy, Hailey :D



Ig: @haileycj_

Snapchat: @haileycjj

BeReal: @hail3y2sw4g

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