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Vincent Celebrado (he/him)

4th Year Kinesiology Pre-PT Major

Student Advisor


Hi everyone! My name is Vincent Celebrado but everyone calls me Vince because I think it sounds cooler. 


I was born in Camp Pendleton and I always made myself believe that I was gonna join the Navy just like my Dad. But I later chose to go down my own path. I used to not really care about my own wellbeing and body image. However, as I evolved in my fitness journey, I learned how much fun and confidence I got from it. From then on I have always wanted to provide a space for people to reach their fitness dreams. If healing their body is the first step, then so be it. I will be by their side.


AB Samahan is one of my favorite organizations on this campus because I feel like I can truly be myself. With a big campus like ours it really is easy to feel like you don't belong and fit in. I had this feeling my first year as I couldn't find a space to be myself and grow. 

Now being a 4th year, there are many experiences I have been through that I had to learn the hard way. I truly want to provide my knowledge to any one who joins our organization. College can be a difficult place for many and I believe everyone deserves a place to be able to speak their truths. 


I will be living on my own for the 2nd year in a row and I have learned so much in how to be independent. Looking out for yourself and your mental well being is something I will always preach. 

Never feel afraid to reach out for help. I will always be there for you :>



Vince.ic (Instagram)

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