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Lyric Talplacido (he/him)

2nd Year Microbiology Major

Sports and Recreation Coordinator

Hellooooooo everybody and greetings to new and old friends! My name is Lyric Talplacido, I am a 2nd year Microbiology major, and I serve as the 2022-2023 Sports and Recreation Coordinator for AB Samahan! As Sports and Rec, I have the privilege of serving the people of AB Samahan by coordinating any and all recreational activities, such as bonfires, intramural sports, and field days. Speaking of field days, one of my biggest responsibilities as Sports and Rec is to be AB Samahan’s representative at Friendship Games, the largest Filipinx student event in the nation. We’ll be competing this October in a series of games, dances, and spirit wars to take home our first title!


You’ll often hear how this organization is different from many others on campus. In other organizations, you tend to go to meetings, attend events, and separate this from the rest of your life as a college student. In AB Samahan, this becomes your home. You find your friend group and celebrate Filipino culture alongside them. You both become a support system for others, and you feed from the support system that’s provided to you here. AB Samahan is the backbone of my college experience, which is why I am proud to serve this community. 


Some things about me are that I am from San Diego, CA. Alongside serving the people of AB Samahan, I also serve the people in Huaxyacac Hall as a Resident Advisor. I love what I do, and I love being a resource for others to explore their strengths. You’ll often find me on the run, always doing something. If not, I’ll either be in the Student Lounge, 24/7 area of the library, or cooking at Aztec Corner. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about me and reading my silly little biography. I will see you soon, and again, welcome to AB Samahan! I'm glad to have you here :)










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