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Shaye Phung (she/her)

2nd Year Liberal Studies Major with an ITEP Emphasis

Social Activities Coordinator

Bright hellos and kind greetings to everyone reading this (and everyone that isn’t)! My name is Shaye and I am your one and only Social Activities Coordinator, or Social- even SAC- for short. With my position, I’m responsible for orchestrating AB Samahan’s mentorship program: the Kuya Ate Ading Program!! (But I like to call it KAA) My focus this year is to foster an environment that welcomes its participants to grow their relationships at their own pace- to evolve at their own pace. Abso-tutely, I am 100% down for putting together killer social events that will live in your Snap memories for another 10 years. I digress because why do you enjoy them? The people you meet- the connections you make.


The connections I’ve made in this organization are the reason why I stayed and committed to a second year on board. For context, I’m actually mixed if you couldn’t tell from my last name. I’m a thrilling mix of Filipino and Vietnamese! I was extra nervy entering the organization, fearful that I wouldn’t be fully accepted, but what I was met with was far from it. Through my KAA pairing, I was introduced to some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met; people that accept and embrace me, and people who continue to show up and encourage me to be a better student, better friend, and better person. Being in this organization has provided me security in my identity and the confidence to be where I am today.


QUICK FACTS ABOUT ME: I make good chocolate chip cookies, I’m from Temecula California, I flex in the mirror when I get bored, and I will step on every crunchy item on the sidewalk when given the chance. I know being in a new space, especially if you’re not familiar with being around so many people who might share the same background or even look like you, can be /extremely/ overwhelming- but I, alongside the rest of the Executive Board, are here to support you through this transition. Quick reminder that you are here for a reason, and deserve to take up space and be content. Thank you for stopping by, live well and do something kind today <3



ig: shayephung

snap: shaye.phung if you want to watch my green onions grow


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