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Izzy Salvador (she/her)

2nd Year Graphic Design Major

Public Relations Coordinator


hi hi everyone! My name’s Isabel Salvador (she/her/hers)  but you can call me Izzy :) I’m a 2nd year Graphic Design major as well as AB Samahan’s Public Relations coordinator for the 2022-2023 Executive Board! One of my main responsibilities is to connect AB Samahan with the community, general body members, and other external organizations. In addition, I also oversee all of our social media platforms and create posts and flyers to keep our general body members updated (forgive me for all the spelling errors).


A little bit about me, I’m from Pasadena, California— the 626 if you will; I have a severe boba addiction, but can never seem to finish my drinks— regardless, this never stops me from being down to go on boba runs! I also enjoy hanging out with friends, getting food, and even just chillin’ at home with my dog bruce <3 You can always count on me to show you impromptu photos/videos of him whenever you see me. I’m actually half Filipino half Burmese, so being in an organization where I’m surrounded by those familiar to me is a great help when away from home and my family! A fun fact about me is that I actually used to play football! Whether or not I can still play, that’s a different story hehe.


I’m so happy to be able to meet so many new people this year as an exec board member. I came to SDSU not knowing anybody, along with terrible social anxiety, but Samahan was such an inviting space for me that I can now confidently say that I’m growing and learning to be more outgoing with each day. I’ve met some of the most amazing people here and I hope this org does the same for you! Feel free to reach out whenever you have any questions, or just wanna talk! I promise I'm nice :)



IG <3

Main: @i.sabelly

Graphic Design acc: @s.piralarchives 


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