Hewwo I’m Ky Cacao this year’s histowoian (◕ᴗ◕✿)


I am a second year Fitness Specialist major so yardiikno I’m all about that healthy lifestyle. Just kidding, I have an obsession with Chicken Fries from Burger King and In n Out Shakes. I’m originally from the Bay Area and the boba there will forever reign supreme.


In high school, I was involved in other cultural orgs, but I was never given the opportunity to connect with my Filipino roots. I joined AB Samahan because I wanted to do just that. Not to mention, the people of AB Samahan are the most genuine and fun-loving people in SDSU community.


I chose to be historian because I wanted to give back to this org that has done so much for me in a way that can really broadcast all the emotions, connections, and memories that I have made in AB Samahan. As your historian, I am determined to capture and showcase these moments of friendship, community, and culture so that we can relive these memories like we are still making them all over again. I plan on giving you all some quality content that will make you remember this year in AB Samahan for the rest of your lifetime. :) Keep a lookout for later in the year as well, for I will be giving YOU the opportunity to get more involved and showcase YOUR creativity to the whole AB Samahan org!


I can’t wait to get to know you all! Don’t be afraid to say hi or shoot me a message if you have any questions regarding the media of AB Samahan!