Hello! My name is Nick Chew and my pronouns are he/him/his.  I am a second year Financial Services major at SDSU.  This year I will be serving as your Funding Coordinator.  As your Funding Coordinator, I am responsible for raising funds for the club and planning fundraising events that everyone will enjoy! I was born and raised in Elk Grove, California… and no Sacramento is not considered the bay lmaooo.  I love playing baseball and volleyball, so if you also love sports hmu!! 


Since quarantine began, I have given barbering/haircutting a try.  I began around 2 months ago and have improved since then.  The main reason why I began cutting hair is mainly for fun, but also because a lot of my friends in San Diego cut hair and told me it is a very fun hobby to have.  It is definitely a hobby that I feel is very important and very vital.  Especially with all of the barber shops previously closed, it can become a good source of a little income.  In addition, I have begun working at an ice cream restaurant called Leatherbys.  It has been a really fun experience and I have made lots of friends since joining the family.


Entering my freshman year of college I really struggled with putting myself out there and making new friends.  Being over 300 miles away from home definitely didn’t help since I couldn’t see my family.  I had heard about AB Samahan through some common friends and decided to check it out.  I was immediately welcomed in, even though I was not of Filipino descent. I think people should join AB Samahan because of how welcoming and inclusive the club is.  What I love most about the club is how much everyone stresses the importance of family and how close the club’s members are.  I have made many lifelong friends in the club that I can always depend on and have pushed me to join Legacy Board. Overall, I don’t know where I would be or how my first year would have turned out without AB Samahan. 


I’m always down to make new friends… maybe even potential adings (hint hint wink wink)! Even if you just need someone to talk things out with or someone to talk to, I’m here for y’all :) My socials will be listed below! 

Instagram: nick_chewy 

Snapchat: chewster37 

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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

Office: 210D

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