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Nikko Eboard Pic.HEIC

What’s good errbody, my name is Nikko Cordero (he/him/his) and I am a 2nd-year TFM Production major. I am your 2021-2022 Historian this year and it is my job to accurately represent Andrés Bonifacio Samahan through pictures and videos! In other words, I’m the YouTuber for this org so you’ll prolly catch me vlogging a lot LOL.


I’m from the South San Francisco, Bay Area (AKA South City YADADAMEAN). My days mostly consist of working out, making videos, or going out with my friends. In my free time, watching basketball or MMA, playing 2K, watching marvel movies, or listening to music (my favorites are RnB, Rap, and Kpop, but I’m open to most genres so put me on!). Also, I’m a big gym rat so if I’m not editing, you’ll see me lifting and putting down heavy things.


Being that I experienced my first year with AB Samahan completely online, I am most excited to be meeting all of you! I can’t wait to experience and capture all the great times we have as an organization. I make a lot of pop culture references too so if you get them, we’re automatically friends.


AB Samahan is the reason I’ve gotten close to a lot of people really fast and I’m so thankful for this organization for welcoming me into their lil family. It’s a great way to make friends/build connections so if you aren’t already a member, come join! We won't bite, I promise :) BTW if yall wanna follow me my Socials are right under this paragraph. Let’s have a great school year!


IG: Personal - @nko.cordero, Media - @n2kfilmedit, Lifting - @gym.vros

Snap: @mr.shortguy31 (yeah ik)

YouTube: Nikko Cordero (creative right?)


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