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Check Check is this thing on? WHATS GOOOOOD KASAMAS. WE UP WE VIBE.
I go by Michael aka MAV aka mav but never “Mav”, my pronouns are He/Him/His, I am a Third Year Health Communication Major with a Minor in Sociology. Within AB Samahan, I am ½ of your New Student Representatives for the 2021-2022 Year. As New Student Representative, I cover all grounds regarding incoming freshmen and transfer students, as well as addressing concerns that all Samahomies have about retention. University, and college in general, can be a daunting experience to endure as a new student, so I am here to serve and uplift yall on any subject matter that ensures your experience as a new student at SDSU, and more specifically, AB Samahan, runs smoothly.


I was born and raised locally in SD, CA. 1904 forever baybeee. But more specifically, I spent my adolescence in Mira Mesa before moving to Southeast San Diego in middle school. Crazy how a few miles can add a culture shock. All love to Manila Mesa and PH always though. My favorite colors are shades of green, alongside indigo blue. I love ramen and I know it in my soul that pineapple DOES belong on pizza. I rock with Brent Faiyaz, Daniel Caesar, Porter Robinson, Illenium, and a whole bunch of other ish.  I love love LOVE Spoken Word Poetry and really any medium of art forms. I also stream on twitch ( LMAO, come show some love and watch me rage at Valorant.  I have a fascination with any conversation that gets deep into talking about identity, the SELF, and legacy, so if you tryna get into that dialogue then yardy know I’m down to clown. Although I was born here in the United States, my lived experiences are rooted in that of resilience, and not necessarily out of choice. From my Lolo acting as an albularyo/faith healer (I still wear his anting-anting/amulet around my neck) to my uncles who’ve worked in Alaskan canneries and Hukbalahap Tito Lolos who fought to defend the Philippines against the Japanese in WWII, this struggle runs deep. When I move, my ancestors move with me.


Andres Bonifacio Samahan as an organization can serve as a stepping stone for folx to delve deeper into conversations and dialogue about who they are and where they come from, and this type of knowledge is as crucial as ever, especially as Filipinx in the diaspora. Informally, beyond the role of NSR, my purpose is to help facilitate these hard conversations and to help guide y’all into being able to eventually facilitate this dialogue with members of your own community, whether that means family, friends, or otherwise. If any of y’all need anything at all, whether that is music recs, boba, or getting into these spiralling conversations, please do not be afraid to seek me out.

Move with Resilience. Act on Conviction. Prosper in Unity.

In Solidarity Always,


IG: @vinasaur_
twitter: @pangipapi/@manongmav
twitch: @SOCRATIC


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