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hi hi friends!


My name’s Dani Judilla (she/her) and I’m serving as one of your 2021-2022 Cooperative Cultural Affairs Coordinators (CoCo) alongside my co, Angeline :) I’m currently a Liberal Studies major at San Diego State and will be a second year starting this fall! As one of your CoCos, it is my duty to coordinate all things cultural in the organization. Whether its hosting cultural workshops, giving weekly reports, or directing this year's Filipino-American Culture Night, my co and I are on it! My main goals for this year is to reflect what it truly means to be a Filipino-American living in today’s world and put as much love into this org as it has given to me :D


Sappy and heartfelt messages aside, let’s get to know me, shall we? I was born and raised in San Jose, California (408 babyyy) which is a fun little city in the Bay Area. However, just a couple months ago, I moved further up north to ANOTHER fun little city called El Dorado Hills which is near Sac! In high school, I was heavily involved in performing arts and participated in numerous amounts of shows and performance groups there. When I’m not on stage, I’m either online shopping, folding origami, watching kpop videos, or going on last minute adventures with my friends :)


AB Samahan has been my home for the past year now and I can’t wait to see what the 50th year holds in store!! LETS GET EXCITED YALL!!!!


If you need me or just need someone to send tiktoks or 8ball games to, I’m always here for you!

Instagram & Snap: @daniellejudilla


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