What’s good mga kasama? I’m Lana Bautista (she/her/hers) and I am your Chairperson for the 2019-2020 academic year! #ICYBOARD


I’m a second-year journalism major with an emphasis in advertising and I also minor in marketing. I was born and raised right here in SD #daygo #619reppin. Aside from being a full-time student, I work for a local boba shop as a barista and public relations associate. Outside of school and work I’m probably out with my samahomies or my bf either eating, getting boba, or having parked car simp sessions. If I’m not doing any of those then I’m probably taking a nap or on twitter. My favorite color is maroon and I like my sinigang extra sour.


In high school, I would attend High School Conferences every year and I always looked up to the coordinators and E-Board of AB Samahan. Before HSC I never considered applying to SDSU, let alone enrolling, but being surrounded by others who had so much pride in who they were and where they came from really changed that. When I got my admission letter I immediately accepted because I knew that if I went to SDSU I’d get to join AB Samahan and continue making connections with people who shared the same pride, energy, and interests.

My first year at SDSU was truly a journey, looking back at how much I’ve grown in social and scholarly aspects. College has been an absolute adventure so far and I give credit to Samahan for a good amount of it. Now on my second term of Executive Board, I hope to continue to provide the same amazing experiences for others.


I stepped up to this position as I realized the significance and impact of this organization and how it needed the leadership of strong and passionate students to uphold its mission and four pillars. As chairperson, my duty is not only to ensure the function and efficiency of the Executive Board, but also to cultivate an environment in which members truly feel a sense of Filipinx community, receive support in their academic endeavors, feel inclined to participate in political affairs, and create meaningful connections with each other.


It’s going to be a dope year! I can’t wait for yall to experience this with me. Much love and I’ll see yall at GBM, slounge, the Samahan office, etc!