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Lexi Bautista Maxion

4th Year Television, Film, Media Major with an Emphasis in Production


Hello pretty people! :3


My name is Lexi (she/her). I am a fourth year Film Production major and I am your Chairperson for the 2022/2023 academic year! It has been so so lovely meeting all y’all’s beautiful faces the past couple weeks!


A little bit about me - I’m from both Oxnard and San Diego, California. 

This year I am really stepping out of my comfort zone. Not only am I chair for AB Samahan, I am also the Student Diversity Commissioner for Associated Students and I am the Diversity Chair for Greenfest. 


If I’m not on campus student-ing, I’m either out venturing with my friends or curled up at home with Run BTS. If we’re out of school, you’ll either find me snowboarding in Mammoth or napping on the beach. 


Not to get sappy but, Samahan really is the space for me. Present me would be completely unrecognizable to my past self. After joining, I was given the safe space to grow as a person, as a friend, and even as a leader. If you were to talk to my kuyates and my day 1 friends, they would say how shy and quiet I was growing up… Of course, sometimes I still am… but the growth I have seen from myself in the last four years was not just from the hard work put in by me but the faith my friends I met in Samahan had in me.

I understand that it takes time for people to find their space and hold their own in such a big and different environment like this university. But I really hope no matter where on campus, even if it’s not here, that everyone finds a space that allows them to grow. 


Like I said, I’m a little shy in the beginning, but I love making friends! Never hesitate to come up to me or reach out! 


See y’all on the flip side :p 

<3 Lex


instagram: lexbaumax

twitter: lexxluthorrr

bereal: lexxluthorrr

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