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Annie Scadron (she/her)

2nd Year Nursing Major

A.S.(Associated Students) Liaison


Hello everyone! My name is Annie and I am so excited to serve as your Associated Students liaison this year!! My job is to bridge the gap between Associated Students (student government) and AB Samahan. As part of my position I sit on the Student Diversity Commission (SDC) and I also serve as the secretary of SDC with our AMAZING chairperson Lexi <3. 


A little bit about myself, I am from Chicago (WOO HOO HOME OF THE BEAN BABYYY)! I love San Diego so far and I love the warm weather. Moving to a completely different state by myself was a big adjustment, but AB was a huge comfort for me. I found out about Samahan from my lovely roommate and friend, Lia (she's also your APIDA liaison) and the rest is history. I was an Able baby and an ading, now I'm on eboard and I am going to be an Ate. I couldn't be more excited!!! I am forever grateful for the environment that Samahan gave me to grow. Being mixed, I felt like I didn't have a space that I could just exist in, but everyone in Samahan welcomed me with open arms. I have learned so much about myself through this org and I hope I continue to learn more. I have also made countless memories and friends that I will never forget. They're like my family away from home :). 


Aside from Samahan I am a second year nursing major. Nursing is my passion and I can't wait to be a registered nurse one day. I am an aspiring pediatric nurse or ICU nurse (I know two completely different specialties LOL). Some things I like doing in my spare time are hanging with friends, eating good food and just relaxing. I am the BIGGEST Olivia Rodrigo fan (I waited in line for like 10 hours to get good seats at her concert… this is not an exaggeration, I got a farmer's tan from waiting so long. ANYWAYS. ). I also love a good 2000’s rom com or an old disney movie (they just hit different). 


I can't wait to get to know yall!! If you ever see me don't hesitate to say hi :)))))) 



@annbailey__ (instagram) (email) 

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