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Angeline Paguia (she/her)

3rd Year Nursing Major

Administrative Officer

hi hi friends! I’m angeline (you can also call me ang or angie <3) and I’m so excited to be back as your Administrative Officer this year! I work more behind the scenes with logistical responsibilities, such as reserving our GBM and event spaces on campus or keeping a tidy record of 51 years of Samahan. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see even more new and returning faces and make tons of memories with y’all! 


A little bit about me:

I’m a commuter student from Imperial Beach, CA (look it up, I’m in the corner of the U.S!) I was actually introduced to AB Samahan before I even started college through High School Conference, and since then I became an ABLE member, an ading/ate (soon to be grands eee), an FACN Dance Director, one of the CoCos, and now admin (!) among many other roles within this org. Alongside Samahan, I work on campus in EOPOS as a Compact Scholars Academic Mentor, I serve as one of the Membership and Mentorship Directors in the Student Nurses Association, I’m also the Secretary and Co-Rush Chair for a Filipino community service-based Sorority called Pi Nu Psi, and I’m a dance instructor for Balboa Park’s House of the Philippines Princesa ng Bayan program. Overall, I have a lot of passions and interests, and I love to keep myself busy with them! Aside from those, I like to play wordle (streak as of 9/18 is 219), go fishing, play basketball, explore new places to eat, and listen to music! Feel free to hmu about anything and everything!


Samahan has truly become my family and safe space, and I hope that we are able to provide that for you all as well. Whether you’re in need of an ate, grands, admin, mentor, or just a friend to talk to, I’m here - so don’t hesitate to reach out! You are always welcome to join this pamilya, and if I haven't already, I can’t wait to meet you!


ingat kayo <3



IG: jellybeangeline

SC: limabeangeline


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