What’s poppin, y’all?


My name is Julian Natividad (he/they), I’m a 3rd year TFM Critical Studies Major, and I’m your Vice Chairperson! As your vice, my jobs are to help the Chairperson with any responsibilities and to organize retreats, take over any vacant positions if necessary, and to help build morale within our board. Regardless of my roles, I’m still here to support all of you with anything.


I was born and spent my early childhood raised in the Bronx, New York before I moved to San Diego’s North County, where I currently live now. For hobbies, I love dancing, watching movies and TV, writing poetry, traveling, learning about languages and cultures, and worldbuilding. I’ve been influenced by a lot of works, primarily Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and the MCU. I hope to one day use these influences to write and direct my own movies and shows- anything from feature-length films to even animated shows. Almost anything sounds fun honestly haha


When quarantine began, I came back to a lot of old habits and old interests. I started biking around my neighborhood to work out, slipped back into a small anime phase, occasionally wrote some poetry, played some video games, and learned songs on my ukulele. I also took some time to refurbish my room, since this year felt pretty transformative. Interestingly though, I’ve also taken up new interests such as cooking and mixology.


Samahan was in my life ever since I was 14. Once an avid attendee to the annual HSCs (858 babyyy), this organization was a secret force in my life and it made an impact on me. Then, as a college student, it further became a stepping stone as it introduced me to so many friends I can see myself being close to forever. The people I’ve met and this organization itself helped push me to be better, to learn more, to be open to change, and of course, to learn more about my culture and what it means to be Filipino.


I hope and encourage you to give AB Samahan a chance. This organization has made me feel adventurous and like I really did belong. The connections I’ve made here feel unparalleled and I hope that we can make this feel like a second home for you. If not, I’d be grateful that we were a part of your college journey.


As for socials, my Instagram is @jujunatividad, my Twitter is @Nativifather, and my Snapchat is b_boyjules. I look forward to everything to come as you take on this new, adulting life in college!



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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

Office: 210D

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