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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

Office: 210B


What’s brackin’, my dudes? My name is Alyssa Alegre, I’m a 3rd year Interdisciplinary Studies Major (Psychology, Sociology, Counseling & Social Change) with a minor in Cultural Proficiency! I come from the land of white people and wine aka Temecula LOL and I’m a music festival and concert junkie! Some of the things I do include graphic design, reading HELLA, watch YouTube religiously, and roller skate.


You can find me working in the Center for Intercultural Relations on the 2nd floor of the Union~! If you ever need anything, hmu I don’t mind making time for you whether you want to vent or have a intellectual or philosophical conversation :) My love language is food and anything Korean or Japanese is the way to my heart and my stomach YEET. My go-to boba order is Jasmine milk tea, less sweat, no ice, and boba ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I joined AB Samahan my freshman year to find my niche in such a big university and what do you know? I found where I belong, and it’s thanks to the people I’ve met that I’ve stayed this long and ran for Vice Chair! Basically some of the things I do are help the Chair manage the rest of EBoard to make sure the org runs smoothly and that all of y’all are having fun, getting learnt about our culture, and making friends to get turnt (WHOLESOMELY). I chose this position to give back to the org and take it further into helping the Filipinx/Fil-Am community and really creating a sense of belonging and support for all the members that come our way! Come thruu to ABLE Board to get learnt about Filipinx leadership and leadership skills and stay long enough through the Winter and you can come with our fam up to Big Bear for Winter Retreat in January! And if you come to GBM, you can GET WOKE and STAY WOKE with my political reports, because we’re here to empower you!


So once again, HI, HELLO, my name is Alyssa and I’m the toy that comes with your happy meal! I’m here to help you with anything you need, whenever you need me~ So don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to me :)

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