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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

Office: 210B

Andrew manzano &

nikkirae yamane

I heard a joke about chocolate bars. It wasn’t that funny so I just….

SNICKERED! Hey everyone My name is Andrew Manzano and I am a fourth year Interdisciplinary Major. I’m from San Diego and if you didn’t know, I have two huskies named Tonka and Miko. I enjoy many things of many calibers but dislike few things. I love fries: french fries, carne asada fries, curly fries, you name it, i'll eat it (if it has fries in it). I am also a vine enthusiast. I joined AB Samahan as a way to get more involved on campus and to make new friends. I am one of your Student Advisors along with NikkiRae Yamane. Together we act as a resource to both our executive board and general body members. If you ever have questions about anything don’t be afraid to talk to either me or NikkiRae. I’d like to think we’re apporachable people.

Hi welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may I take your order?

Sup samahomies, my name is NikkiRae Yamane, and I’m a 4th year International Security and Conflict Resolution major with a double minor in Sociology and Spanish. Fun fact, I have dog named Booboo. You’ll most probably see him over the school year. My hobbies include petting dogs and complimenting strangers, so if you need some gassin up HIT. MY. LINE. I also enjoy rejecting the basic assumptions of civilization, and conspiring to dismantle the basic foundations of society. I love any food with noodles, and can’t eat anything spicy. I like people, places, and things. I’m one of your Student Advisors this year, so come to me and Andrew for all your advising needs fr fr. I’m here to help all of y’all out with any questions you could possibly have, so please feel free to come talk to me! Stay dangerous.

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