Hello world and all who inhabit it! My name is JR Lauron and I am a third year Industrial Organizational Psychology major with a Leadership minor. I’m originally from the Bay Area where I was raised in Milpitas, California. Some fun facts about me are that I love spicy food, my favorite show of all time is Game of Thrones, and I got to meet Bruno Mars and Beyonce (ask me about it and I’ll tell you the whole story)! I joined AB Samahan in my first year of college because I wanted to find a tight knit community at SDSU that I could call home in addition to learning more about my Filipino culture. In the past I have served as the New Student Representative, Community Affairs Coordinator, and the Andres Bonifacio Leadership Emergence auxiliary facilitator. I’ve come back to serve as this year’s Student Advisor because I love to help others and provide my expertise in assisting other students to success. As one of the Student Advisors, I help hold 1-on-1s with the executive board and advise the organization through any issues and concerns. I’m here to serve as a resource to both the executive board and general body in any way I can! Aside from Samahan, I am also involved in Associated Students, the College of Sciences Student Council, Psi Chi and Psychology Club, Rotaract of SDSU, and Student Life and Leadership. If you want to be more involved on campus and learn more about leadership opportunities, you can talk to me and I’d love to help you out! 


Hey bodyevery! My name is Kenny Nguyen and I am a 4th year Interdisciplinary Studies Major in the Departments of Communications, Psychology, and Sociology. I am half Vietnamese and half Chinese and was born and raised in San Diego.


In high school, I attended AB Samhan’s High School Conference for multiple years and that is what got me interested in this organization. My first year I got picked up as an ading and fell in love with the org and the people and especially friendship games. The following year I picked up 3 baby adings (KungFuKidz 4 lyfe) and was the coach of friendship games and I have been head coach ever since then (S/Os to my Big 3 champs and the playas). I have also been involved with High School Conference and Filipino Culture Night.


AB Samahan has given me an opportunity to meet a lot of people that I can forever mentor and can truly call family. Whether they are my kuyates, adings, twins or players, they are someone I can really rely on and people who make me feel welcomed. This organization has given me a lot so I want to give back to the organization just as much to give everyone the experience I got. If you ever need anyone to help and/or talk to you, I am here as one of your Student Advisors!