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Wutitdooo, Samahomiesss!!! My name is Jessica Carreon (she/her/hers), I’m a third year Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy major, and I am one of your Student Advisors for the 2020-2021 academic school year :)


I was proudly born and raised in San Francisco, CA #YAYAREAAA! I’ve been a city kid for my entire life, but I also love trying new things and I’m always down for any kind of outdoor adventure! I can be very spontaneous when I want to be so my days can be especially random at times. Most of the time, however, I like to spend my days singing, drawing, or just goofing off with my friends!


Since quarantine, I’ve mostly just been at home, where my days usually consist of sleeping, binge watching shows, and eating LOTS of food. It’s been difficult finding a routine and finding peace within my own isolation, but I believe I found a deeper appreciation within myself and the people around me. Even though times are extremely tough and uncertain right now, staying connected with my AB Samahan family has definitely kept me happy and hopeful for the future. 


This is now my third year being active in this organization (yes, I know I’m old) and I can honestly say that I have found much more than I was expecting after joining my first year in college. Growing up, I did not really relate to the Filipino community and culture, and AB Samahan really helped me connect with my roots and create a sense of belonging for me, especially since I live almost ten hours away from home. AB Samahan to this day continues to help me grow and I’m so grateful for the lifelong friendships it has given me (shoutout TANK FAM and BIG 3).


So, I really hope that y’all decide to come out and join the love! If y’all need anyone to talk to, my co and I are always free to listen! This is our second year being on Eboard and our third year being college students so we have some knowledge that we would be happy to share with y’all! Don’t be afraid to use us as a resource to help you academically or even personally — we are here for YOU! Anyways, I hope to see y’all around ~virtually~ and please stay safe and healthy!!! <3


IG: @jescarryon, Snap: ramen_5sn