What it do, Samahomiesss!!! My name is Jessica Carreon, I’m a second year Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy major, and I am your Social Activities Coordinator for the 2019-2020 academic school year :) 

I’m from the YAY AREAAAAA and I love to rep where I’m from, so hit me up if you ever want to get hyphy. If I’m not stuck in my room doing homework or playing with my guinea pig named Richard (ask me for his IG @), you can catch me wasting my time at slounge. I also work at Poki One N Half on campus, so you probably recognize me from there too… unless by the time you’re reading this, I have quit. Anyways, I like to sing, dance, and draw, but I’m pretty shy too so don’t expect to see me doing these things out in public unless I have some sort of sudden confidence to. I also like to go out on fun spontaneous adventures and try new kinds of yummy foods. If you ever want to take me out to eat, my favorite food is sushi, but I have also fallen in love with Tacos El Gordo because it’s straight fire. Seriously though, I’m DOWN to go and do whatever so just let me know and we can hang!

Jokes aside, I really hope that y’all decide to come out and get yourselves involved in AB Samahan! I joined AB Samahan because I wanted to find my sense of community here at San Diego State, especially since I’m almost ten hours away from my real home. Not only has AB Samahan given me a home away from home, it has positively affected my life in a numerous amount of ways, such as helping me meet so many new people and uplifting me to go outside of my comfort zone. 

Being Social Activities Coordinator, I oversee many of the social events planned throughout the year and I am in charge of the Kuya Ate Ading mentorship program! I decided to run for my position because the KAA program has given me so much and I want many others to feel welcomed and be given the same opportunity or experience when going into this program too. Some events I will plan this year are: 

  • Fall KAA

  • Spring KAA

  • KAAmayan

  • FCC/Org Socials


Well, congrats to you if you have made it this far into reading this *uwu.* I hope to see you around! Email me (click the button down below) for any inquiries, and follow me @jescarryon on IG and @ramen_5sn on snap just for funz hehe.