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Hey Samahomies!! I’m Brandon Huynh and I am one of 4 peer mentors on SOAR Board!


I was born and raised in San Diego and I am a second-year Nursing major. I didn’t really know what to do, but I ended up figuring it out late in high school because I figured I love science and helping people! When I have time, I like to hang out with friends by going out to eat, binge shows, and play video games. When I’m on campus though, you can usually find me at slounge studying or just chilling.


I joined AB Samahan since I enjoyed clubs like these in high school because it gave so many opportunities to create memories and meet new people. So far, I really love hanging out with the people I’ve met, and the experiences have been great. As peer mentor, I assist Kaylani and anyone who needs help on SOAR board. I also can help anyone that needs to study or focus on academics in AB Samahan. 


If you ever see me at GBMs or in slounge, go ahead and say hey or if you need anything just ask me for help! I know we’re all struggling, so let’s get through this together! :)

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