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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

Office: 210B

Lana Bautista & Jomarri Salomon  

What’s poppin?


My name is Lana Bautista and I’m a first-year journalism major with an emphasis in advertising! I’m from San Diego and my heart belongs to the 619! #1904 #SESD #daygo. Fun fact: I’m pretty artsy?? I’ve been training in visual arts for a majority of my life and art has become an essential part of my character. I know how to work with almost every medium and I am currently learning how to work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator! When I’m not working on a piece I’m probably going on an adventure or something. Although I’ve lived in San Diego for my entire life I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this city. There’s always a sight to see, restaurants to try, streets to roam, and people to explore it with! @GBMers: if you ever need someone to kick it with or if you want to know the best boba spots in SD, HIT ME UP! 10/10 times I will be down.


In high school I would attend High School Conferences every year and I always looked up to the coordinators and E-Board of AB Samahan. Before HSC I never considered applying to SDSU, let alone enrolling, but being surrounded by others who had so much pride in who they were and where they came from really changed that. When I got my admission letter I immediately accepted because I knew that if I went to SDSU I’d get to join AB Samahan and continue making connections with people who shared the same pride, energy, and interests. I was so ecstatic to go to my first GBM, get a kuyate, and basically live my best life as a first-year. Now that I’m officially a part of this organization I hope to provide the same, amazing experiences for others.


I am the New Student Representative (NSR) for first-years, which means that I’m the link between all first-years and the organization. My job is to keep all first-years/adings updated on everything going on in AB Samahan, as well as to bring their questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns to E-Board. A big part of my job is also to foster bonds between my class, whether that be through socials or even through simple conversation! I chose to apply for Freshman NSR because I love AB Samahan and I am so thankful for all that it’s given me, therefore I’d like ignite that same passion and excitement in others, especially in my fellow adings. I also chose to apply for this position because I’m the biggest social butterfly EVER. I can’t wait to meet, befriend, and chill with all of the other first-years! Boba dates, slounge sessions, and SCP nights coming soon y’all.

Enough about me, tell me about you! Slide in my DMs @baetista on Instagram, @_baetista on Twitter, or nsr@absamahan.org. I’ll see you at GBM!

Jo-Jo-jo- Jo-Reeeeeilllllliiieeeeeeesssssss Auto Parts! Wauw. owo

Hello there! My name is Jomarri Salomon! I am a 4th year transfer student studying Business: Management Information Systems! I am from San Diego and a fun fact is that I can finger tut professionally well - you’ll probably see me walking around performing some ritual or jutsu but don’t mind me haha. I also have three dogs! 2 pomeranians named Nala and Elsa and a Pug named Loki. Some of my hobbies include: Photography, Digital Media, Dancing, Gloving and occasionally working or building cars! I currently work at O’Reilly Auto Parts so if you have any car questions feel free to hit me up! Ya know whenever I’m hungry I love to eat Ramen - Menya Ultra is my favorite and there was a point that I’ve went once a week, so if you wanna get some ramen with me, let's eat at Menya together! So I joined AB Samahan because I wanted to get involved in API organizations and this organization grew to me the most. I am one of your New Student Representatives (NSR for short!) for transfers! I choose this position to get involved and to communicate, socialize and bring together all the samahomies so that we all have a fun an exciting adventure together! My Co-NSR and I plan on hosting activities and socials for everyone to participate in so that we can all get to know each other and create fun memories for each other!

So yeah, that’s a good description about me! If ya see me, don’t be afraid to run up to me and say hi! I love meeting new people and hanging with everyone!

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