Hello mamsirs, it’s ya girl Maireen Barnachea- A.K.A your Freshman New Student Representative (NSR). I am a 1st year Public Health major here at San Diego State University. I was born and raised in San Diego, but lived most of my life in National City (619 REPPIN’). Fun fact, though I’ve lived all my life here in the United States, I am fluent in Tagalog. I genuinely enjoy giving back to my community as much as I can, in any way possible. Most of my life has been dedicated to sharing the blessings I have received with anyone around me; anything from donating fundraised money to charitable organizations, volunteering at the hospital, or simply sharing the act of kindness to others. My favorite food is definitely ramen, if you aren’t from SD I recommend to try out Tajima, Aijisen, Underbelly, RakiRaki, and Nishiki! One thing you should know about me is that I am very energetic and I LOVE to meet new people and simply create conversations to gain new friendships. I believe you should lead your life with joy and happiness, so laughing along the way makes your journey more memorable. 


I joined AB Samahan for various reasons, one being simply because I take much pride in who I am as a Filipina-American. For as long as I could remember, I have a passion for being proactive in my community, particularly in the Filipinx community. So knowing I entered SDSU with an organization that represents my beliefs and values as a proud Filipina has motivated me to go out of my comfort zone and join as a member, and eventually as an Executive Board Member. As NSR, my main job is to be the liaison between new students, such as freshmen and transfer students, and E-Board. You could look at it as if I was the person you could approach for any further questions on events, E-Board positions, or even to make personal friendships. My main goal is to be able to further our close relationship within this organization and to include everyone in this family! And of course, as NSR, I am also responsible for reaching out to various students and encourage them to be involved because you may never know what it may bring you, until you give it a try. I chose this position because I really wanted to step out of my box and start my college years in the best way possible. I know that through this position I am able to grow as a person, attain leadership skills, and network important connections that can benefit me in the long run. But, I also chose this position because I felt like I could be the voice of a community, a community that can relate to me, one who experiences the struggles of adjusting to a new academic environment, or even meeting new people. I not only do this for myself, but I do it for others as well. My hope is that I give in as much as I can into this year’s term, and learn from it. You never know, I might just pop up in future E-Board positions (Manifesting it WOO HOO). 

And to wrap it up, you know the vibez, what can I say, perioooodttt. Just know that Mai the NSRawrXDXD is ALWAYS here for you! If you need someone to “akekekeke” with, you found the right circus, because Mai the Clown is here for you! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, catch me at Jollibee!! (Instagram: @maireenkate) <333

What it do baby boos? My name is Vanessa Roldan and I am a third year Integrated Marketing Communications Major or IMC for short. I’m a Diego native but I see myself as a citizen of the world with Uvita, Costa Rica and Vancouver, BC as some of my favorite spots in the hemisphere. I am very passionate about celebrating about my heritage as well as learning from new cultures as well. I am also a shameless outfit repeater and beginner sustainability advocate, I love this planet and the people in it and that’s enough reason for me to be the tree hugger I am today.Some of my long term goals include living in a tiny house in Hawaii, becoming a creative director for a company like fairphone, and becoming a stay at home dog mom.  Joining AB Samahan before I transferred made a world of difference during my transition to state, my fam has always had my back despite our busy schedules. I am so excited to continue to meet and connect with all of you lovely GBMers and feel free to always reach out. The thing I am most excited for this upcoming year is definitely FCN, which definitely inspired me to become more involved in the organization. I hope you all will choose to be involved in ways that resonate the most with you. As your Transfer NSR I focus on being the liaison between e-board and the rest of you guys, but don’t hesitate to talk to me even if you are a transfer student. Good luck to you all this semester, let’s yeet this wheat!