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Oftentimes, you will be in situations where you need to defend your thoughts, your opinions, your passions to friends or family, family especially. It's difficult, more so during times of a lot of unrest, and there's a great divide between people.


If you find yourself cornered or questioned by family members regarding the Black Lives Matter movement or any of the protests, you may find the letter below useful. It addresses not only why the movement exists in the first place, but how we as Asians in America are to navigate through talking with your families about problems outside of your immediate community. The letter talks about why our families should not be silent, and why it's important that we stand in solidarity with the Black community, why we must be their allies, and why it's not something we can just be passive about.


Anti-blackness within Asian communities is real and it's dangerous. The change starts with us. May you find the strength and courage to stand up to your families if need be. 

Linked below is a Google document filled with not only donations, petitions, information about protests, but books, articles, and revolutionary texts as well. Widen your horizons and educate yourself. 

The link below leads to a Google document Ally Resource Guide. There you will find information on how to register to vote, more ways to donate/sign, representatives to contact, and many anti-racist resources. 

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