Hihi! My name is Angelica Minimo (she/her/hers) and my mom actually gave me that name because I was born on December 25th. Being a christmas baby has many perks, like no matter how old I get, I’ll always receive presents and sometimes I even get 5x more than the average monetary gift$. Aha speaking of money, I’m the 2019-2020 Funding Coordinator and I’m a second year Biology Major.


I usually spend most of my time shopping and hanging out with friends. Some other interests I have are painting and photography. Painting at a beach/park really helps me get through a stressful week. With photography, I’m trying to have a polaroid camera collection and so far, I only have a mini, square mini, and wide camera. I have yet to buy the original square polaroid ^_^. Instant cameras are my favorite for capturing blissful moments. 


I have made countless memories ever since I joined AB Samahan. The main reason I became more involved was because it always gave me something to look forward to at the end of the week. Everyone just gave off such a welcoming vibe and that’s one concept I would want to implement in every event/fundraiser that we organize. I’d want you all to get the same chance to create lasting friendships and memories like I was able to. My goal is to plan FUNdraisers while increasing the organization’s funds to help preserve and prolong Samahan’s lasting impact in the community. 


Feel free to say hi whenever you see me, I’m super nice! & if you ever need a shopping buddy, hit me up because I’ll always be down. Even at times you just need a study buddy, just let me know because I’m all about that hot scholar semester too, hahah. I hope to see y'all in our events this year. Much love<3