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My name is Ysa Siazon (she/her/hers), I’m a 3rd year Nursing major, and I am your Administrative Officer for the 2021-2022 school year! As Admin, I am responsible for filling out any paperwork and forms, preparing the agendas for our executive board meetings, and making room reservations for events.


I was born and raised in Stockton, California - 209 GANG!!! I am a super outdoorsy girl; I grew up doing a lot of outdoor activities like camping and boating, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, shooting, and off-roading! When I have free time - which is very rare - I love getting some type of dessert with friends and watching movies! Over the past year, I’ve binge-watched the whole MCU series, the Twilight series, the Maze Runner series, Harry Potter (twice!), and so much more LOL. I also LOVE watching scary movies hehe.


I’m super SUPER S-U-P-E-R excited for everything to finally be back in person again, although it seems like the pandemic is getting worse at the moment, I do hope we get to stay on campus this time. I can’t wait to finally be able to talk to people face to face again and make more memories with our org <3 


My favorite thing about AB Samahan is everyone is so welcoming and supportive of each other; it warms my heart seeing people who maybe barely met but still lift each other up! We are one big happy family :’)


IG // @ysasiaz

Snap // @sweety_belle

Email //

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