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Ayooooo what’s up y’all! I am Shaye Phung (she/her/hers), a first year Liberal Studies major, and one of your new student representatives for this year. As one of the NSRs, my purpose is to serve as the liaison for first years, and relay the concerns back to our lovely Executive Board. As a fellow freshman myself, I know there are so countless unanswered questions. 


I was born in San Diego (the SHARP stork!!!) and lived in Mira Mesa until I was three years old. For the past 15 years, I lived in Temecula, just an hour away from here. I grew up in and out of extracurriculars such as dance, band, and martial arts, but what really stuck, was my interest in fitness; my current occupation is destroying my body in the gym and being tired for the rest of the day, so if you catch me at the ARC, say hey! Besides my physical health, my passion for community has stayed strong, if not, grown, throughout the years. That’s one of the reasons I joined and stuck with our organization. 


Coming to San Diego State after over a year of online learning, and moving away from home was beyond intimidating. But once I settled into AB Samahan and explored all the opportunities they have to offer, I got attached. The gigantic university setting bustling with tens of thousands students no longer seemed so big. Samahan gives me a space to not only connect with my heritage, but do it through and with people that make the effort to make me feel seen- to say hi walking to class. That’s why I committed to NSR: I want to help members feel that sense of security when they step into a general body meeting or into the student lounge; to feel welcome and included. 


IG: @shayephung


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