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My name is Gamiel Ortigoza (he/him) and I am your Sports and Recreation Coordinator! I’m a 2nd Year Nursing Major and I’m so excited to serve on your Executive Board this year! As Sports and Rec, I handle anything and everything related to sports and recreational activities as they pertain to AB Samahan! This literally could be anything from kickbacks, bbq’s, sports tournaments, you name it.


I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA so you already know I stay reppin the Sacramento Kings (#SACPROUD BABY). I’m really into doing things that keep me active like running and hiking. I also really love being outdoors and just living life in the fresh air without a care in the world. Besides all of my outdoor ventures, I’m a huge baking enthusiast and I will literally bake anything you tell me, ESPECIALLY if it’s bread -- it’s kind of my thing. Since I have chickens at home, I spend a lot of time tending to them as well as making sure that our backyard farm is thriving. If you couldn’t tell, I really like creating things from scratch and exploring different variations. Moreover, I absolutely LOVE playing Minecraft so if you ever want to play, literally call my name and I’m there!


One thing that I’m really looking forward to this year is being a part of Friendship Games! Even though I’ve never been to an actual in-person FG (thanks a lot COVID), I’m still really enthusiastic about everything FG, especially now that I’m the FG Rep for AB Samahan! Speaking of Samahan, I think people should join this wonderful organization because of the supportive community it provides to its members. AB Samahan helped me break out of my comfort zone and try new things that I never would’ve done before. I met amazing individuals and formed friendships that I’m confident will last a very long time! I can’t wait to see you all!


IG // gamiel_ortigoza

Snap // gamy_uuuhhhlll

Email //

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