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YOOOO! My name is Wyman Chan (he/him/his) and I am a 2nd year Biology major, pre-med. I will be your Social Activities Coordinator for the 2021-2022 year! My responsibilities for the organization are to plan different social events throughout the school year, as well as, coordinating the KAA mentorship program which consists of some of the biggest events for AB Samahan. The KAA program is where students can apply to become Kuyas (tagalog term for big brother) or Ates (tagalog term for big sister) to mentor the lower classes by picking up adings (or little siblings) as mentees, guiding these younger students academically or just in life in general. MAKE SURE TO APPLY!!!!


I was born and raised in Sacramento, California, so you could say I’m da SAC from Sac :0. I’m actually Chinese and Filipino, so I love being able to learn more about either of my cultures. I played soccer for 10 years (and I’m still not very good) but whenever I have time I like to watch anime or any superhero movie that is out LMAO. My favorite anime are: AOT, My Hero, and Naruto Shippuden btw!  I also really like to play games like Minecraft and Pokemon Showdown, so if you ever want to play HMU! My favorite music artists at the moment are Amine, Rich Brian, and Tyler the Creator, so please please come talk to me about music!


Coming into SDSU I didn’t really know many people and thought it would be even harder to find my niche, especially since I live 8 hours away from San Diego, in an online setting but AB Samahan really came through and gave me a place to belong. This organization gave me more friends than I ever thought I would make in an online environment and pushed me to accomplish more things than I would have otherwise. Eternally grateful to AB Samahan and the Filipino-American community, as a whole. 


Insta: @wymxn

Snap: @wymancwc

Org. Email:

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