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KAYla vale cruz


Knock knock…(whose there?) It’s me, one of your peer mentors! ‘,:) What it do? I’m Kayla Mari Vale Cruz, but I just go by Kayla! I am a first-year student at San Diego State University and majoring in Chemistry. I have lived in sunny San Diego my entire life (let’s gooo 858), so hmu if you’re new in town and I’ll tell you the places you gotta hit up!


Hear me out, I’m a simple person. I love reading, binging tv shows, and playing the guitar. I especially love my dog Gus (yes, he’s a good boy). I’m always down to hang out with anyone, or just to help you with your chemistry homework hehe. Find me and let’s get boba at Sharetea aka the best boba place out there :o just sayin. Most importantly I am a huge advocate for mental health, and even started a club at my high school (go marauders) to spread awareness. So, if you want some advice please reach out to me bc i gotchu.


I honestly joined AB Samahan to put myself out there. As a commuter, it’s pretty hard to make some life long friends, but after joining Samahan I feel like I found those friends. I have met so many people here, and I’m still meeting new people. I never knew I would put myself out there, yet here I am not only on SOAR, but an active member in the org and in our ABLE program! I have never felt so loved and so welcomed in an organization that I could call my second family. I wanted to continue to lead and help others and this org gives me the chance to do just that.


Contact me if you need help with anything and I will be right there to guide you through every step of the way. Catch me in SLL or slounge at the union, but if you try to call my name I might not look bc my name is too common so tap me and say hi!


If you’re reading this, you’re a beautiful human being. Don’t let people tell you otherwise <3

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