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Hi hiiiii I’m Angeline Paguia (she/her/hers) and I’m a 2nd year nursing major! Along with Dani, I am one of your Cooperative Cultural Affairs Coordinators for the 2021-2022 school year (aka AB Samahan’s 50th year EEEE). As CoCo, I’m responsible for coordinating activities and events surrounding various aspects of the Filipino/Filipinx and Filipino/Filipinx-American culture. With everything I do, I hope to supplement your knowledge and understanding of - you guessed it - culture ! and what it means to be part of the Filipino diaspora. 


I’m a commuter student from Imperial Beach, California, a relatively small beach town that’s known for being the most ~southwesterly~ city of the United States. I’m a Mar Vista High School alumni (GO MARINERS) and I was a part of PanAsian Club, Key Club, and marching/concert band as a percussionist. So, I love to dance, serve my community, listen to music, and overall keep myself busy LOL. When I’m not jamming to KPOP or studying/getting work done, you can probably find me out restaurant-hopping or exploring every corner of San Diego. 


I was actually introduced to AB Samahan before I even started college through High School Conference, where I fell in love with the org’s passion for culture and camaraderie. Even within the virtual environment last year, I was able to learn so much, meet new people, and make the most amazing memories. I have grown (and continue to grow) as a student leader, team-player, and friend, and I hope to foster this growth among all of our members in Samahan as we finally transition to in-person. 


You are always welcome to join this pamilya and if I haven’t already, I can’t wait to meet you! 

IG: @jellybeangeline

SC: @hipsterangeline


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