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ahhh hi hi!


My name is Kate Vinegas (pronouns she/her/hers) and I am AB Samahan’s Vice Chairperson for 2021-2022! As the Vice Chair, my main role consists of supporting both Executive Board and General Body Members as well as building morale, organizing retreats, and filling vacant positions if needed! 


I am a fourth-year Chemistry major with an emphasis in Biochemistry and on a pre-NP track. I was born and raised in Chula Vista, California and absolutely love the sun! You’ll most likely hear more than one very embarrassing and otherworldly story about me & how clumsy or unlucky I am(-: I love baking, hiking, going to the beach, reading, or going out to eat with friends! I’m so excited to meet everyone this year & get the chance to connect and make some new memories. 


AB Samahan has provided a home for me on campus and is overall a wonderful community to learn more about your culture, advocate for the community, and create lasting memories(-:  Come say hi!


Feel free to reach out anytime, I’d love to get to know everyone! 


IG: @katesvinegas 

Snapchat: @kayvinegas


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