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ahhh hihi everyone!


My name is Alexis Bautista Maxion (she/her/hers) but you can call me Lex/Lexi. I’m an incoming third year Television, Film & Media major with an emphasis in Production and I am your Associated Students Liaison for the 2021-2022 academic year!


I act as the representative for AB Samahan that bridges the connection between this organization and Associated Students. With that being said, I fill any seats allocated by A.S. and plan to participate in groups including, but not limited to, the Student Diversity Committee and the GreenLove Committee. I also give reports that aim to keep our general body members updated on events and opportunities happening within A.S.


I’m from Oxnard, California but have lived in San Diego for most of my life. My cousins are some of my best friends and we love to road trip between the two places any chance we get. 


A little more about myself,,, If I’m not huddled in my room obsessing over cheesy coming-of-age movies or Run BTS, you can find me creating my own movie with the memories I have with my friends. Whether we’re snowboarding, hiking, driving to new restaurants - any type of new adventures are always so exciting to me! Unfortunately, I’m just more down than my wallet is. \:


This year I am so excited to finally get the chance to meet more people in person! When first entering SDSU, at the end of 2019, my introverted side definitely took over. It wasn’t until I joined AB Samahan’s KAA program that I broke out of my shell and met the best people in my life! my forever friends! my endgame, for sure. 


AB Samahan connected me to people that made me feel safe enough to grow, mess up, and even ugly cry about Kim Seok-Jin. 

I hope that everyone that joins this organization is able to experience something similar and find a genuine place here where they’re truly comfortable.


Now… I’m not the biggest social media person but I love making new friends! If you ever want someone to grab coffee with, explore San Diego with, or talk about Min Yoon-Gi for hours, don’t be shy here’s my info :D


Twitter: @/lexxluthorrr

Instagram: @/lextaylor21


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