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Heyy besties! 


My name is Jeradhine Adriano (she/her/hers) and I am a second year psychology major who is minoring in the honors interdisciplinary studies. Although I moved around a bit growing up because my dad was in the military, I like to say I’m from San Diego (but more specifically the 858 area hehe). This year I am excited to be serving as Andrés Bonifacio Samahan’s Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Liaison! As APIDA Liaison, I am essentially the bridge between AB Samahan, the APIDA Center, and the other AAPIC/APIDA student orgs. I represent our organization’s best interests, and relay any information regarding events/plans to and from AAPIC/APIDA. 


I LOVE to sing and essentially just do anything music related. Like if yall are ever looking for someone to do karaoke with, know that I am always down hehe. When I’m not singing/listening to kpop, opm, or broadway, you can probably find me at plant power, getting a large brown sugar milk tea w/ less ice and boba from gong cha, making gifts for people, or just spending time with the people I love :,)


This past year I’ve really gotten to witness just how passionate, welcoming, and supportive the people are in Samahan. The community of people is definitely my favorite part about Samahan and I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to meet everyone (if you see this don’t be shy and join our KAA program hehe). I’ve also enjoyed learning more about how to be successful in both my academic and professional career, getting connected with other communities, becoming more politically aware, and learning more about my culture. I feel like I have grown so much over this past year thanks to this org and the people I’ve met. During this year, I look forward to growing more, as well as making new friends and making in person (!!) memories.


Anyways, if yall ever need anyone to fangirl with, talk to, or just want to make a new friend please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hope to see yall around! <33


With love, always

Jeradhine Adriano (she/her/hers)

IG: @jeradhine | Snap: jerjer_13