trentEn hui

Hey everyone! My name is Trenten Hui and I’m one of the peer mentors on SOAR Board. I am a first-year Undeclared major because I don’t know what I want to do in life, but I was thinking of going into the STEM side of SDSU and pursuing a major in Nutrition. 


I’m from San Diego, so I’m a local around here and my free time mainly consists of hanging out with my friends, like a lot, but if I’m not doing that, then I’m probably at home reading (yeah, I’m kind of a nerd like that) or watching Netflix (Office fans?) because there’s literally nothing else to do. I’m a pretty social, outgoing person but I’m kind of scary when you see me and I’m also super sassy, but don’t be scared to come up and say hi!!!


I joined AB Samahan to educate myself about the life of the Filipinx community and hopefully gain some new views on the cultural aspect of the Filipinx lifestyle as well as other cultures that surround us at SDSU. My responsibilities as a peer mentor are to be a helping hand in the academic side of AB Samahan, while also organizing events such as AB Samahan High School Conference and much more! Don’t be shy to ask anyone on SOAR Board for help, especially if you need advice! goodbye for now!