What it do mga audience! 


My name is Cristian Piamonte (He/Him/His), but y’all can call me CJ! I’m a second year Kinesiology Pre - Physical Therapy major and I am one of AB’s 2020 - 2021 Cooperative Cultural Affairs Coordinators (aka CoCo). Throughout the year I plan to incorporate a multitude of fun cultural experiences for y’all as well as plan for an amazing FCN in the spring AHAA LETS GET IT! 


I was born and raised here in SD and have practically lived here my entire life so if y’all ever need a place to adventure to let me knowww! Ever since I started high school I picked up a passion for lacrosse (Shoutout to the lax fams!) which brought me to the international stage and gave me the opportunity to play for the Philippines National team back in 2017. Other than that I love cars and I cut hair on the side. 


Ngl quarantine gave me time to focus on my passions that I never really had time to pursue while life was normal LOL. I was able to tune up my car Suki (aka my 2011 BL1 Mazda 3 ~zhoom~ ), catch up on a lot of anime, honed my skills in gloving, and started up a barber page (shameless plug @cp_faded). 




ANYWAYS AB Samahan has been a platform for me to get closer to my roots while at the same time become a place where I could call home. By joining Samahan many could expect to find people with similar interests as well good sources for guidance, advice, and even lifelong friendships. Through networking within Samahan, it allows many to find assistance within their goals and even learn new traits that they would never had known about themselves. My personal experience within AB has led me to find a path towards my interests and has strengthened my passion to learn more within my culture. :3  


I can’t wait to meet y’all face to face (when quarantines over lol) but until then stay safe and healthy mga audience!!


~ Also here are my socials down below :3 


IG:             c_piamonte 

Twitter:      CJ_Press

Snapchat:  Bicboi233    

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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

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