What’s going on chicharon?


My name is Cristal Ami (she/her/hers). I am a 3rd year biology major and this year’s Chairperson of Andrés Bonifacio Samahan. As your Chairperson, I represent the organization at all school and community functions and focus on creating a welcoming environment for community members to indulge themselves in the Filipino culture through academic excellence, community involvement, political activism, and organized leadership. 


I was born and raised in San Diego. Some of my hobbies include dying my hair, doing my makeup, watching TikToks, musicals, anime, various Asian dramas, and singing! I sang in my high school show choir (shout out to Center Stage) and in my senior year I had the great opportunity to perform with a women’s ensemble in Carnegie Hall. 


Since quarantine began, I have been finishing different anime and dramas from my to-watch list. From spring to the end of summer break, I’ve watched around 9 Asian dramas and 15 anime series. Netflix is definitely a life savior. #loveithere


Entering SDSU as a freshman, I felt very lost. Throughout my 1st semester I didn’t really have a set place or community that I belonged to. However, I joined AB Samahan during 2nd semester and the people were very kind and welcoming. I joined FCN (Filipino Culture Night) and it gave me the opportunity to become closer with other members in the organization and to my cultural identity. This ultimately pushed me to run for Cooperative Cultural Affairs Coordinator later last year before eventually becoming Chairperson this year. 


I hope you will consider joining AB Samahan this year because we are a community open and welcome to all. AB Samahan gave me a safe place amidst the overwhelming chaos of college, and I’d like to offer you the same opportunity. Despite social distancing regulations, I think it’s going to be a great year, and I hope you’ll be part of it! :)


Until then, ciao siopao!