Mga kaibigan! What’s good y’all? I’m Leanne Caranza and I am your Alumni Liaision for the 2019-2020 academic! Let’s get it y’all!

I’m currently a fourth-year Psychology major with an emphasis in therapy and cognitive psychology. I plan on pursuing a career in Music Therapy and maybe opening my own practice. I was actually born in Guam but I moved to San Diego when I was five and y’all… We reppin’ Paradise Hills/National City out here! *cue air horns* I just want to give a quick shout out to my community in Southeast San Diego and my alma mater, Morse High School! I just want to recognize this community for allowing me to flourish and letting me be a tiny representation of the success that has came out from this place.

ANYWAYS, more about me. If you talk to others on ICYboard or those in AB Samahan, hopefully, people would describe me as outgoing and thoughtful. AND ESPECIALLY, a very funny gal… Which I am, hehe. But seriously, I am really outgoing and I really care about those around me. I always make sure that everyone is feeling loved and that they belong in our space. Other than those personality attributes, I literally live and breathe music. I love listening to classical music, hip-hop, K-Pop (#BTSARMY baby!), and EDM. I go to lots of concerts and events, and if you ever need a buddy to share those music moments with, I’m here! I am also very involved in the performing arts! I’m a violinist in the SDSU Symphony Orchestra and have been playing in the ensemble for the last three years. So if any of y'all want to come through and support the ensemble, hit me up for those shows and tickets! Or, if you just need more music to listen, please hit me up! I also do mixes and hopefully, I become more experienced as a DJ so, find me on SoundCloud as “LUVLEE!” I’m also a dancer and I really enjoy being in that space. I’ve choreographed for Filipino Culture Night, Roll Call for Friendship Games, APSA, and danced for Vietnamese Culture Night. I enjoy cooking so if y’all ever wanna have a cooking day or you’re just hungry, let me know. I make a MEAN spam musubi and pulled pork sandwich.

AB Samahan was the entity that really solidified my love for SDSU. I originally came into the school as a music major and I didn’t really have any friends from my high school that were at SDSU. I remember coming into my communications class and I met people that were going to a GBM on random Friday and well, they’ve become some of my best friends ‘til this day. SO SHOUTOUT TO YOU NIKKIRAE, CHRISTIAN, AND ANDREW! Having this sense of community with people that I can relate to made me feel at home every time I commuted from home. I always had something to look forward to when coming to campus and that’s all because of the opportunities AB Samahan opened for me. There’s a very special place in my heart for this organization so being on Executive Board is just my way of giving back the place that gave me more than I could ever imagine.

I know that I’m an Executive Board member but I want to be your friend first! I’m also one of the “older” Samahan members and if you ever need help or need someone to talk to, hit me up. I’m looking forward to this year serving y’all. Let’s run it! 


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San Diego State University 

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