Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be your 2020-2021 Administrative Officer! 


My name is Daniella Luistro (She/Her/Hers) but you’ll probably hear everyone around just call me Dani. I’m a third year Microbiology major with an emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Science and a minor in Chemistry. As your Administrative Officer, I take care of all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff like organizing meetings, filling out forms, and making reservations. 


I was born in Quezon City, Philippines, and I moved to San Francisco when I was about four years old. I grew up in Vallejo, California and lived there until I moved to San Diego in 2018 to begin college at SDSU. In my free time, aka when I’m not hustling and bustling for Samahan, I love playing golf, binge-watching Netflix shows (My top 3 favorite shows are Criminal Minds, Sherlock, and Stranger Things), reading books, going thrifting, watching MCU movies (I’m the Guardians of the Galaxy’s #1 fan), and traveling! But most of all, I love going out and trying new restaurants with my friends. I’m also the Student Diversity Commissioner for Associated Students so feel free to stop by at a meeting and say hi! 


Since quarantine started, I picked up a couple old hobbies of mine like sewing new clothes or upcycling some old ones, and I also recently got back into cooking and baking. So if y’all ever need your clothes adjusted or have some good recipes to share, don’t be afraid to hit me up!


I joined AB Samahan because transitioning from a school that was mainly composed of students with an Asian background to a predominately white school, I struggled to find where I would be able to fit in. Once I found Samahan, the transition became so much easier. Even after the transition, I stuck with Samahan because I learned so much about myself and my culture that I never had before. It became a safe space for me to express the traditions and values I grew up with without any fear of being judged. 


Anyway, I’m so excited to see how this year goes and I can’t wait for y’all to learn more about your culture and make new friends. Please come say hi to me if you ever see me around! You can also follow my socials if you’re ever wondering what mess your Administrative Officer has been up to lately :p Hope to see y’all around, peace out and stay safe!


IG: ellacluistro

Twitter: ellacluistro

Snapchat: mrsdanihoranxx (niall horan 4ever luvs, stan one direction)

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San Diego State University 

Andrés Bonifacio Samahan

5500 Campanile Drive 

San Diego, CA 92182

Office: 210D

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