AB Samahan gave me a safe place amidst the overwhelming chaos of college, and I’d like to offer you the same opportunity.

Eleanor Mauhay

aapic liaison

Being a part of Samahan, I’ve grown to love and understand my cultural identity through standing with others for causes that are larger than myself.


student advisor

Growing up, I did not really relate to the Filipino community and culture, and AB Samahan really helped me connect with my roots and create a sense of belonging for me.

Growing up, I did not really relate to the Filipino community and culture, and AB Samahan really helped me connect with my roots and create a sense of belonging for me.

 I was given resources I never knew I needed: academic tutoring, student advising, and cultural supplements; to personal guidance and friendships that’ll last a lifetime.

Eugene Ruelos

Cooperative Cultural affairs coordinator


public relations coordinator

 I truly have met my life-long friends within this organization and being grateful for everything they have done for me would be an understatement.

Julian Natividad

vice Chairperson

The people I’ve met and this organization itself helped push me to be better, to learn more, to be open to change, and of course, to learn more about my culture and what it means to be Filipino.

Moira Simpao

alumni liaison

moi headshot.JPG

 I am forever thankful for this organization in contributing such a positive and instrumental part of my overall growth and college experience.    

Tereese Bangayan

Academic coordinator

AB Samahan was a blessing in disguise for me. I joined it in hopes to get out of my comfort zone and put myself forward by meeting new people, and best believe I did just that!


funding coordinator

I was immediately welcomed in, even though I was not of Filipino descent. I think people should join AB Samahan because of how welcoming and inclusive the club is.


social activities coordinator

What made me join Samahan was that they were welcoming and loving toward others. I’ve made many great memories with the people in Samahan and I can’t wait to see y'all make your own new memories this year! :’) 

Angelica Minimo


I was able to make countless memories with so many amazing individuals that I met through AB Samahan. Not only did it provide me with life-long friends but it also gave me a lot of opportunities to grow as a student leader

Katelynn Vinegas

a.s. liaison


I also participate in other organizations on campus so I’m a big advocate for getting involved! If there’s one thing I know, AB Samahan is my safe haven.

Matthew Mendoza

Community affairs


I made some of the fondest memories during those times and it will be in my heart forever. Don’t forget to sign up for the KAA program!



 Past academics, we are here to support you in every way possible. We are your mentors, confidants, and most importantly your friends :)

Ysabelle Siazon

Sports and



If it weren’t for the welcoming environment of Samahan, I would have never come to see the person I am today.

Daniella Luistro

administrative officer

 I joined AB Samahan because transitioning from a school that was mainly composed of students with an Asian background to a predominately white school, I struggled to find where I would be able to fit in.

Fianca Banca

student advisor


I met so many wonderful people, made lifelong friends, and I have never felt so much more closer to my culture and community than before.

Christian Piamonte

Cooperative Cultural affairs coordinator

My personal experience within AB has led me to find a path towards my interests and has strengthened my passion to learn more within my culture. :3 

Maireen Barnachea

political affairs coordinator

With the meaning of Samahan itself, (togetherness and community) remember that actions are just as strong as our words and beliefs.

Francy Lopez


We have all come very far in our lives, and we have so much more to achieve. I believe that Samahan has pushed me towards the right path, and I believe that it can for you too. 

Dani Judilla

New student


I signed up for Samahan in hopes to find some community on campus and BOOM!!! that’s EXACTLY what I got :)